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One may wonder at why Aliens and UFOs are on an Ancient Egyptian site. There are many who believe Aliens had a hand in building our Pyramids and Great Sphinx.

Indeed this may be true as no one remembers who the builders were from the "Zep Tepi" (the first time).

However, it is my guess that if they were sentient beings from off world they would look just and I!

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bigfoot adance abduct Agreet
alien alien alien alien
alien alien alien alien
al bkg ablink a bop a chick
al eyes alien alien alien 05
alien alien al peek al mail
alien alien A ship alien
a slap alien alien alien
alien alien a/pet a smurf
bigfoot2 comet24 creature deep sp
er/stars martian NASA pink mon
space14 space67 space ship spcraft
star bar starsW sun5 ufo
ufo ufo ufobeam ufobeamr
ufo ufo ufo uship
warpstars xmartian sp dance 4food
anizap believe bluspacebk borgbk
buble electric goldmoon spiral
movestar pstarback roswell saucerworld
smUFO thoughts alien alien
stars teletub #3 unspar
verycool visualcool alien discoAl
2martian milkyway peekline dancie
elecwom fuzzy wisps ufo
#4 #5 #6 Alwavey
a2024 aNO al2023 al eat
alflash alien1 alien17 alien19
alien al bar al dol al luv
08 al jump alkarate a love
a look al run al sau al spin
al talk winky ali soon
loopy al smileAl grimace soon
alien mn man2 mn man astdanc
eye tear mesmer spa ship sp ship
station sun ufo130 ufo
ufo ufoR xship animal38

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