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Welcome to Abydos! I am Auset and will be your guide through these many pages of images, sounds, and links.

I am a chantress in the temple of Isis, which is the Greek pronounciation of our Queen's name. Perhaps I can tell you a little of my life in Kemet (Egypt).

My position is an inherited one although many priests, priestesses, and dancers in our profession are commoners who applied to the temple. You may be surprised that I call ours a profession.

We live in the temple three weeks out of three months on rotation, We are all (including priests & priestesses ) permitted to marry, have children, and lead full lives when off duty

Our day begins at dawn when the priest unlocks the door to the chamber where the statue of our God or Goddess is kept. We sing the morning hymn to awaken our Goddess. The statue is then dressed and perfumed wth incense by the priests. We do not worship idols. Part of the Goddess' soul and essense is infused and lives in the statue. Food is then placed before the diety as an offering, later to be eaten by the temple workers after our tasks are completed. The day ends after the evening hymn is sung and the door to the chamber is resealed.

Religion is the center of our lives here in Kemet. However, no lay people are permitted into the temple where the God or Goddess resides.

Instead, the people go to a huge temple, known simply as "The House of Life", to meet with a "Lay Magician" (priest or priestess) for counseling, dream interpretation, healing, incantations of various types, and to receive magical spells and charms to counteract malevolent spells.

The Lay Magician is no less important than those who work here. They are responsible for providing a common understanding of our religion to the people.

Our society is very liberal as can be seen in our woman's rights as compared to other countries. We have the right to keep anything inherited from our parents when we marry, share equally with our husband any wealth both partners acquired within our marriage,conduct business on our own. own and sell property, be a witness in a court case,represent ourselves in court, make a will giving our wealth to whomever we wish, adopt children, go out in public and be in mixed company with men,keep our own name after their marriage, be supported by an ex-husband after a divorce,work at jobs other than being a housewife andto seek any employment for which we are are qualified.

Contrary to what may be said of us later as we pass into history, we do not enslave people. Prisoners are put to work. Slaves are indentured servants who can buy out of their contract.

All in all life is good in Kemet.

Come now! Let us begin your tour!


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