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Zep Tepi, the era the Ancient Egyptians refered to as "The First Time", or "Golden Age".

For most people the burning question regarding ancient Egypt is, "How were the Great Pyramids built?" The greater question, however, may be "Who built them, and why?"

It is a widely accepted belief that the three pyramids, in Giza, were errected to be used as tombs for Khufu and his sons during their reigns. There has never been any evidence to support this claim. In fact, all three Pharoahs conveniently died prior to the completion of "their" pyramids and are buried in The Valley of Kings!

We were also under the presumption that the labor was performed by Jewish slaves who were later saved by Moses who led them out of bondage and out of Egypt. It never happened. It has been proven that the timeline is all wrong. That aside, the general concensus is that the Egyptians are responsible for the design and building one of the world's greatest enigmas.

With all due respect to the intelligence of the Eygyptian people there seems to be more and more reason to believe what their ancestors had always said. The Great Pyramid And Great Sphinx are very ancient and from the "First Time".

According to the history from most of the Ancent Cultures, our civilzations have fallen many times through cataclysmic events, the last of which was the great flood. Contrary to the biblical Noah story there were other survivors. Some were lucky enough to have lived on mountain tops. And there were others. The elite. The learned, who knew well in advance of the coming event and were able to escape the deluge by going underground. Literally!

This may sound far fetched, but actually it isn't. We, in the United States, are aware that there are underground bunkers to be used by our governmental bodies and their families in case of a war or other catatrophe. That leaves out the rest of us who would have to fend for ourselves. Perhaps one third of us would make it through on our own and survive. The flood scenerio will be used as an example.

What would our lives be like once everything we had on hand was depleted? Perhaps after a day of hunting and gathering our food we would sit around the campfire and exchange stories about the glory days. The times before when we could fly in the sky and even go to the planets. Why,in fact some of our people still live among the stars (on a space station)!

Over the thousands of years that it may take for the waters to recede our stories of telephones, microwaves, air conditioning, cars, and tv would be viewed as myth. Nothing more than stories. No artifacts would be left from our time to prove to forth coming generations that we spoke the truth. It appears that this is exactly what happened.

One day, in Egypt and in other places around the world, mysterious people arrived. These were the offspring of the elite who may have gone to live comfortably in the honeycomb of huge undergound caverns, or perhaps even off world until it was safe to return.

No one knew who these people were but they possessed medical and scientific knowledge of such things as cloning, planting, astrononomy, physics, chemistry, that their ancestors had passed to them and they had further developed. They would even possess maps of the world before the great flood. Since all predeluvian history had been lost to the masses these strangers were seen as Gods!

We have no idea today what technology those named Thoth, Isis, Osiris and others possessed, but that they were quite human and not mythological figures is more than possible.

We now know there are chambers beneath Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx that may hold the key to our true history. For what purpose is it being withheld fom us? Why and by whom?

If your interest or curiosity has been piqued you may want to read the pages below for some eye opening answers.

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