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Anomolies, Oh yes, the pesky artifacts that just keep turning up where they have no business being!

For example: fine gold chains in lumps of coal, footprints of modern man & dinosaur tracks found side by side, indiginous people who cant read or write knowing about stars before they are discovered, a face on a planet. And how are these astounding discoveries received by scientists, anthropologists, geologists, and archeologists? With Scorn! Why? Because they don't fit the "paradigm".

There is another way to spell paradigm ... MONEY! Grants go to individuals & learning institutions that support the accepted findings. Researchers learn early on that if they want to be able to eat they had better not rock the financial boat.

There has been evidence that our civilization has fallen and risen many times. Not only have artifacts been found, but the history of India, Egypt, and our own Native American people will tell you this is so. Why isn't this common knowledge? Oh, it is! Only the Western cultures of the world call the history of these people myth! No offense meant to the people of Egypt, but I do believe the Pyramids were built during the zep tepi (first time)

There is also a chance for evidence to show that modern man's origins are off world. The evidence is already there we just need NASA to go there and confirm it. How the same people who are able to swallow Darwin's THEORY, which has never been proven, with even 1 shed of evidence, by the way, yet laugh at the face staring back at them from Mars is beyond comprehension! What is at stake here is not grant money but power and control. Not only would confirmation rewrite history, it would knock religion on it's ear! (**Web Master's Opinion **)

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